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Dining In The Dark’

  • Steven Delannoye – tenor saxophone
  • Nicola Andrioli – piano

As interesting as tenor saxophonist Steven Delannoye’s recent quartet album was (Here Comes Tomorrow – W.E.R.F 2014), it didn’t prepare us for the sublimity of this two-man encounter. Duets live have it all: brilliant and spirited individual playing, exceptional rapport, a terrific mix of songs, a luminous awareness of jazz in all its varied forms and opening windows to 20th century classical music. What makes Steven and Nicola so compatible, even though they are still at the beginning of their careers, is the ease with which they each straddle and move back and forth across the line between modern and pre-modern.

album purchase/download: Dining in the Dark

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‘Brandhaard’ is a Dutch word for a fire source or fireplace that contains the bands main characteristics. In ballad moments the original set up of two horns, guitar and drums, rise the image of a glowing crackling fire and home comfort; as in the outbursts of the band, we can feel the heath and energy of an uncontrollable fire!  All the musicians of ‘Brandhaard’ met in New York, ‘The hottest musical capital of the world…’.

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